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MicroDamper with Fan (plus more accessories)

$25.00 Coming soon

Image of MicroDamper with Fan (plus more accessories)

This listing is for the MicroDamper print and a 10CFM high static pressure fan. The MicroDamper is fitted with a 1" NPT Threaded body to fit to your bbq pit. Under the options menu you can choose the MicroDamper and Fan, or you can choose MD w/fan with the male and female jacks, or you can choose the MD w/fan both jacks and a servo. Every MicroDamper comes with heatshrink tubing to make all connections professional, and if you buy a MicroDamper with servo and jacks I include a tube of superglue for final fitment!

Learn more about the HeaterMeter at the TVWBB Forum.

Note due to inaccuracies in 3D printing technology some minor sanding/filing may be required for final fitment. I also recommend that you epoxy or superglue the pieces together during final fitment to ensure the damper doesn't fall apart under thermal expansion on your bbq pit.

If you are outside of the US please contact me at [email protected] since I cannot complete international orders through this webstore. Shipping outside the USA is flat $15 for a MicroDamper kit (and little bit more for each extra unit if you want more).

A link to learn how to wiring the MicroDamper up can be found in the first post of the MicroDamper thread on the TVWBB forum website. The only other gem of info you might need is that air flows toward the sticker on the fans!